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Why use Windward Financial to arrange your loan?

The borrowing market has come a long way since its low point during the Great Recession, but we are still at a point where finding financing for certain property types requires specialized knowledge.  Some examples of these loan types are:

  • Hotel Loans

  • Gas Station/Convenience Store Loans

  • Self-Storage Loans

  • Assisted Living Facility Loans

  • Restaurant Loans

Many local, regional, and national banks are near their internal exposure limits for these types of properties.  Many are not taking applications for new conventional (i.e. non-SBA) loans for these property types, and most that do are limiting those loans to companies with long-term borrowing relationships with that bank.  So, unless you have an established borrowing relationship for that property type with your local bank, you will probably have to look toward a lender outside of your local market for financing.  

Because we have worked with multiple lenders in all parts of the U.S. over several years, we can direct your credit application to a lender that has an appetite for your particular industry, property type, and location.  If you start the application process from scratch without this knowledge of the market, you will likely spend months of frustrating trial and error before finding the right lender.  In the SBA 7(a) environment the lender pays our fee, so in most cases this service comes at no cost to you.

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